Micro Financing Solution

Microfinance Solution is an institution-wide solution to address the microfinance industry's information management challenge. It provides a comprehensive functionality by leveraging the power of microfinance and technology to create innovative and sustainable solutions that will enable MFIs to empower their clients. The system focuses on technology making microfinance operations more efficient, creating income-generating opportunities for the rural poor and providing poor communities access to information and resources. The system is built on a modular principle and therefore gives the flexibility to tailor it to specific needs of any microfinance Institutions (MFI)

The solution incorporates the concept of formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs) which are voluntary, small group structures for mutual aid and the accomplishment of a special purpose. They are usually formed by peers, who have come together for mutual assistance in satisfying a common need, overcoming a common handicap or life-disrupting problem and bringing about desired social and/or personal change. The initiators of such groups emphasize face-to-face social interactions and the assumption of personal responsibility by members.

The system provides complete flexibility in terms of defining hierarchy and parameters can be set to accommodate the business flow of the institution. Microfinance Solution is a complete solution for enterprises looking for comprehensive Origination – Loans & Deposits, Management, Collection and Recovery System. The integrated system is an ideal solution, also for organizations seeking individual modules to integrate with their existing system.