Data Management

RMA has a rich experience in offering ETL Consulting related to Data Extraction, Transformation & Load services by using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Our ability to extract financial data from various sources (Core Banking, Credit Card, Treasury, Existing Data Warehouse, Trade Finance, GL System etc.) a and transforming it into meaningful information is essential to ensure competitiveness and helping Business Intelligence User and IT departments of financial institutes to analyze the past and lay the foundation for the future for risk, regulatory and management reporting. Our highly experienced ETL Development team has been involved in many package development assignments specific to Mini Data Mart for Financial applications.

Our Data Transformation Services comprises of variety of tasks such as, Extraction of Data, Data Cleansing and Standardization, Data Transformation, Merging data from multiple sources, Data Validation and Data Mart Population. It also includes reconciliation, automation of execution, back up activities and many more as listed below:

  • Data Import : SSIS is used to data from legacy systems and staging server into SQL Server. The activity can be automated using scheduler to avoid human intervention.
  • It can handle various kind of file formats such as ASCII, Excel, Text, .CSV format etc to minimize the impact on source systems.
  • Data Transformation : Transform the data as per destination system requirement, which may comprise of performing data summary, aggregation, filtering, splitting from one source to multiple destinations.
  • Data Integrity and Quality Validation to ensure there is no garbage.
  • Error Handling and Notification
  • Integrated Third Party Plug-ins : This enables in extracting data from external data sources with no standards.