Turnkey Report & Analytics

Banks and Financial Institutions are always looking for customized analytical reports to be better informed on current portfolio position and risk mitigation. We have resources with in depth knowledge of FIS Treasury Solutions known as Ambit Quantum Treasury System and AvantGard Integrity treasury solution. FIS system captures all the needed data but the challenge with Banks and FIs is the ability to analyse the data and use the analysis to reach better decisions. We address these challenges through our Custom Report Development service by providing tailored reporting solutions that deliver the required data in the format you need for management, operation and regulatory purpose.

Our reporting tool and methodology is considered one of the best reporting engines due to its flexibility and analytical capabilities. The data can be presented in almost any format - from a simple summary table to a complex graph. It also supports sub-reports, graphing and wide array of formatting options. Our experts can create custom reports for any combination of the following:

  • Parameters
  • Integration into your web application or Windows application
  • Formulas for complex manipulations of data, summaries and running totals
  • Access controls and restricted views using User and Roles Management functions
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Cross table Summaries
  • Grouped Data
  • Sub reports
  • Company's logo on each page
  • Countless customized features that can dramatically improve mission critical information

We specialize in development of statutory, regulatory, management and day to day operation reports. To inquire more about our Report Development Support for FIS Treasury solution, please email us at contact@rma.com.my.