WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp Integration

The WhatsApp Business API gives banks the flexibility to use WhatsApp at scale and make conversations more contextual and meaningful. In FinTech sector, RMA can integrate WhatsApp for companies to generate leads, offer support, and deliver assistance in the world’s most popular messaging app.
In a fiercely competitive Banking & FinTech space, where consumers often complain of the lack of clear accessibility to customer service and resources, WhatsApp bots can give an edge to facilitate easy interaction with your prospects and existing customers through the app that they use most. With the WhatsApp business API, customer service teams can connect with customers and collaborate from a shared inbox, automate frequently asked questions, and leverage customer information. When it comes to marketing and customer service in banking, WhatsApp Business solution is one of the most effective channels. From automating tasks such as conversations with users, facilitating customer service with real-time alerts, account balances, latest transaction records and payment transfers, to efficiently conducting researches and surveys, WhatsApp chatbot in banking can help the industry offer a seamless customer experience by minimising manual efforts and increasing efficiency. 

Primary Application of WhatsApp integration in Banking & Finance includes

  • Customer service
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Promotions and Direct Marketing


Notification Integration

With smartphones now part of everyday life, expectations for tighter, real-time control over finances are a reality. These expectations present the perfect opportunity for financial institutions to strengthen and grow their customer relationship with notification integration. RMA can help position your organization as a trusted partner with deeper engagement.

RMA can help clients with robust alert strategy including:

  • Enhanced customer engagement and retention 
  • Reduced fraud risk exposure by providing real-time alerts
  • Greater customer self-service usage, which may reduce support calls and branch visits while providing customers with a convenient digital alternative for managing their finances
  • Greater revenue opportunities through marketing offer notifications
  • Improved user experience through messaging delivered on-screen without interruption of current activity, which offers a less intrusive experience than SMS messages


In Banking sector RMA’s Notification Integration include:

  • Account balance alert
  • Trading Alert
  • Onboarding/ Nurturing clients
  • Reengagement messages
  • Order Confirmation
  • Suspicious Activity alert