Intelligent 'Zero Code Enterprise Grade' Omni channel Chatbot Platform called Engage. Engage can help make a difference to your daily routine in many ways,

  • Growth: Your growth cannot be adding more people to serve, how do we bring every visitor to become a lead and eventually client.
  • Live to Alive: Your website, mobile app, social media channels are live but not ALIVE with intelligent responses – Engage will make this happen and enhance your business results
  • Instant and targeted access: Your website has valuable contents but how can your visitor access them; they are not going to spend more than 3minutes if they are not helped.
  • Mundane tasks: 65% of daily tasks across all departments are repetitive that take 50% of productivity. Tasks like scheduling appointment, order status, balance query, asking for screen shot, replying emails or helping explaining usage and many more.
  • Human error: Your Customer Service suffers human error, bias and lack of transparency.
  • Smart promotions:  Paid Social Media Advertisement costs a lot. Can your website become interactive advertisement, offers and selling catalog?
  • Lifecycle: Client acquisition, retention, service feedback all need to be handled and can it be done without human or time delay?


……….and much more using 24x7x365 multi-channel multi lingual intelligent bots without human intervention. RMA can show you how to make this happen. Please contact us at or +603 62012677.

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