ClearTax offers a comprehensive e-Invoicing software solution designed to seamlessly align with the guidelines set forth by LHDN (Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia). As Malaysia's leading provider in this domain, ClearTax is dedicated to simplifying the implementation of e-Invoicing for businesses across the country.

Endorsed by regulatory bodies worldwide, ClearTax is an accredited service provider under MDEC Malaysia and collaborates closely with LHDN to ensure compliance with Malaysian regulations.

Additionally, ClearTax is Peppol approved, serving as an access point service provider to further enhance the accessibility and efficiency of e-Invoicing processes for businesses.

Key features of ClearTax's e-Invoicing software include:

  1. Continuous Compliance: ClearTax is equipped with auto-upgrades to seamlessly incorporate new government changes, ensuring businesses always stay compliant without internal hassle.
  2. Dedicated Support: Clients receive personalized support through RM Applications Malaysia with a dedicated account manager available to address compliance and technical queries, offering peace of mind throughout the implementation process.
  3. Smart Integration: ClearTax's software offers smart integration services compatible with any number or type of system, allowing businesses to go live with minimal disruption to operations.
  4. Reliability and Uptime: With a reliable API stack boasting 24/7 compliance and a 99.99% uptime, businesses can trust ClearTax to deliver consistent performance backed by auto-scaling and backup servers.
  5. Error-Free Invoicing: Cleartax software features smart automations with over 150 data validations and auto-retrials, ensuring a 99.98% success rate for error-free e-Invoices.
  6. Reconciliation with LHDN: ClearTax provides additional features such as e-Invoice vs. Sales/Purchase invoice reconciliation and data analytics capabilities.


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