Strong customer onboarding along with password-less feature is needed by a business for future readiness that demands rapid evolution for clients business transformation and growth.  User and employees understand the need for efficient solid identity verification security, but they expect technology to be simple, convenient and fast.

With decreased visibility and increased complexity, it is more challenged than ever to manage authentication across a hybrid environment without disrupting end users.

Our solution protects your business with automated onboarding, solid identity verification, covering secure biometric authentication, document tampering, OCR / MRZ visual and data protection while simplifying the multiple application integration and finally offering easy login experience for not just employees but also end users. Lastly transaction monitoring working in the background to ensure any frauds or wrong doings are caught and handled.

Our Platform is combination of complete product suite with three main products modules :

  • Ready APIs – Low Code Cybersecurity APIS and SDKs (Server Side APIs)
  • EKYC Mobile First Offline and Online
  • Passwordless – Elevate and Simplify using Device Biometric


Proven and Future Ready Solution 

RMA’s Solution is proven and is deployed at the leading clients. It uses 100% pure software platform, It has inherent benefit of being scalable, lower operational costs and ease of broader reach to your apps.

EKYC & Customer Onboarding

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