Data Management

Financial Institutions seek to consolidate distributed system and application data into a unified repository for enterprise-wide reporting needs. Core functions for reporting data mart development include designing, extracting, transforming, storing, accessing, and managing data environments. The primary objective is to furnish a customized data management framework for enterprise reporting, focusing on meaningful Data Extraction, Data Transformation & Loading tailored to the Client's Specified Data Structure. This data is provided to align with the Bank’s reporting tool requirements and other available ALM (Asset Liability Management) and Risk Solutions in the market
RMA boasts extensive expertise in Data Management Consulting, particularly in Data Extraction, Transformation & Loading services employing SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Our proficiency lies in extracting financial data from various sources (Core Banking, Credit Card, Treasury, Existing Data Warehouse, Trade Finance, GL System, etc.) and transforming it into actionable insights. This capability is crucial for enhancing competitiveness and empowering Business Intelligence User and IT departments in financial institutions to analyse historical data and set the stage for future risk, regulatory, and management reporting needs
Our highly experienced ETL Development team has contributed to various package development assignments, specifically focusing on Mini Data Mart for Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management Reporting, and Data Modelling.
RMA has successfully delivered Data Management services for Banks, Financial Institutions, and partners leveraging our OnmiData framework as stated below.

Key Features

  • Data Import: SSIS is used to take data from legacy systems and staging server into SQL Server. The activity can be automated using scheduler to avoid human intervention.
  • It can handle various kind of file formats such as ASCII, Excel, Text, .CSV format etc to minimize the impact on source systems.
  • One source to multiple destinations.
  • User Access right to define rules Unmask or Un-hash with audit trail.
  • Error Handling and Notification
  • Integrated Third Party Plug-ins: This enables in extracting data from external data sources with no standards.
  • Data Stamping & Attributes
  • Custom Reporting & Analytics


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