Sensitive data, encompassing financial records, personal employee or customer information, and personally identifiable information (PII), demands protection to prevent unauthorized access and comply with ever-evolving privacy regulations worldwide.
Static Data Masking stands as a vital process that masks and restrict access at the individual user level, replacing sensitive data at rest. It offers both irreversible and reversible masking techniques. Our solution provides adaptability in masking and encrypting data stored across various formats like MS SQL Databases, Flat Files, Excel Sheets, CSV Files, and SAS Datasets.
Data masking can also be used in a Non-Production Environment, like Development and Test environments, where the presence of sensitive data is unnecessary. This ensures data confidentiality without compromising security.
OmniMask, our Data Masking Tool is purpose-built to efficiently mask substantial volumes of data based on configured masking rules. It accommodates various masking types tailored to diverse business conditions, guaranteeing comprehensive data protection.

Masking Strategies

Clients can configure masking rules for specified data assets to implement static masking, ensuring that sensitive information is not disclosed. The confidential data can be masked in a number of ways, including encryption, nulling, and character or word substitution. The masked value may or may be not be reversed, this will be based on the configuration and masking rule method applied as illustrated in the example below:

Key Features

  • Enabling flexible user inputs (parameterization) to specify the file, file data columns, and desired masking methods to be implemented
  • Offering flexibility in defining Masking or hashing methods, such as hashing only numeric data, disregarding the last three characters, or retaining specific formatting as required
  • Support Multiple Input Data Formats such as Flat file / data file format includes but not limited to '.txt', '.csv', '.xlsx', '.xlsm', '.sas7bdat', '.dat' and etc.
  • Support direct integration with Database for masking data directly within into tables, covering various platforms  including, which includes but not limited to MS SQL, MS Access. Granting user access rights to establish rules for Unmasking or Unhashing data, accompanied by an audit trail to monitor these actions


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