Passwordless is our On-premise micro service-based platform to bring Biometric for your web and mobile apps with complete app-user-security management. 

Solution that gives you Superior Protection using FIDOv2 latest security standard with PKI Digital Certificate & On-Device Biometric eliminates Man-in-the-middle, SIM Swap, Credential Replay and many more. Helps eliminate your security threats in one or more ways as shown below

  • Eliminates any unproductive tasks and removes friction at the time of register and regular authentications. Repetitive tasks build fatigue and passwordless removes it completely.
  • Tight security binding: Specific Domain/Mobile native works only with specific user (biometric) on specific device(s). Brings the most comfortable yet tight security.
  • Self service: Easy to integrate and works seamless with Active Directory self service mobile and web widgets along with multiple resource access. Saves time, effort and cost at each front across widgets.
  • One Touch App-less: No App installation and works on pure browser based Biometric. For roaming users, QR code scan and push covers 100% usability.
  • Accepted standard: Plug and play integrations with 1000’s of network or applications by default.
  • Limitless: High volume, high velocity, Instant protection to any number of web apps and mobile apps with no 3rd party dependency. Its limitless authentication brings lowest TCO and highest ROI.


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